joi, 30 septembrie 2010

Feeling Beautiful Is Being Beautiful

Being you is what makes you beautiful and strong.... True courage and inner strength are all about being able to say ‘No’ to conforming to societal stereotypes just because you have to fit in the conventions...
A woman’s true beauty lies not in her appearance, but deep within her heart.....She looks sharp and focussed and full of confidence..This kind of radiance will always outshine for me any external beauty related to what a woman was wearing or how her structure was. ...
In fact, those who are aware of their inner beauty do not need to seek borrowed beauty from outside. And sadly, those who care only for their physical appearance are often spiritually impoverished and try to conceal that lack with exterior trappings....
I feel that appreciating and realising your own beauty means establishing a secure and robust inner self that will not be swayed by outer circumstances..... :)

(I am not a has-been.  I am a will be..)

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